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Silverzone Mentor is all about supplementing your hard work with smart work as it aims to help young minds prepare for their Silverzone Olympiad exams

Our Features

Preparation Meter

Know your level of preparation for each subject for exams.

Reports & Analysis

View your assessment sheets, marks compared against highest and average instantly.

Flag-Review Question

Prioritise your questions by marking them and do a last minute revision.

Previous Year Papers

Know your overall and subject-wise preparation by solving our papers and know your strength and weakness.

Custom Test

Customize and make your own choice and select topics you wish to include as per various difficulty levels.

Info Zone/About

Highlights important dates of examination and their respective subjects. so that you have it always restored at back of your mind.

Comprehensive Book

Boost your confidence by solving chapter-wise questions from the Comprehensive Book. You can attempt the questions multiple times to enhance your skills.

Revision Test Paper

Habit of making silly mistakes, grammatical errors, calculation mistakes, not reading ‘NOT’- all of these can be solved by doing revision.

Excellence Guide’s Model

These papers serve as a boon for participants as these are the ultimate preparation tool for students. The digital version gives the students an option for attempting multiple times leading to better performance.


For International Olympiad of English Language, Mathematics and Science .

Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are of great help as by solving these test papers the students are encouraged to give exams confidently as they are aware about the pattern of the exam conducted in the previous year. These papers will also help to understand the syllabus, pattern and how the difficulty levels have evolved over the years. By solving these papers, the participants can find out their shortcomings and accordingly prepare for the current exam they wish to gain proficiency in this year.

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Comprehensive Book

For gaining expertism over such Olympiads held at National/International level, chapter-wise questions from comprehensive books are highly recommended. These questions are beneficial to students as these enhance their ability to think wisely & act smart. It will give the participants comprehensive knowledge of subject according to the latest syllabus. These questions cover sample with answers & more features. Students participating in our examination can attempt these questions and attain a remarkable score.

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Excellence Guide

Digitalise form of Model Test Papers from Olympiad Excellence Guide help students understand the pattern of questions. The participants can practice with as many different papers as these are available now at our website. It is hoped that this practice will do wonders in the preparation for the actual examination. The papers are prepared on the pattern of actual tests so these papers are of great help to the students. The questions in these papers help the candidates know their weak and strong areas by practicing them over and over again.

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Instant Downloads

Past Year Question Papers are available in PDF format for instant download. Each paper is available for download @Rs 75/-. This will help the aspirants to assess the pattern of the real examination paper, practice and prepare for cracking the top ranks.

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Grand Prize for Top Rank Olympiad Winners .